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VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers offer complete access over the servers which is equivalent to dedicated server hosting but for a lesser economical price. The reason for it to be cheap is because it is setup on a high configuration web server and then virtualized by a Virtualization platform commonly known as VMware or Virtuozzo or Hyper-V offering multiple vps hosting accounts.

A Linux cPanel VPS allows Root access to the server for a high level of manageability directly through SSH & can be rebooted manually. With complete administration rights of the server, you can install & run any third-party apllications/softwares.

Parallels® Virtuozzo divides one physical server into multiple individual servers allowing each isolated server to share Hardware, Licenses & server management tool. All Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have pre-installed MySQL, Apache, PHP & Perl with cPanel/WHM control panel in an option for easy access & management of server.

Pro-active 24x7 monitoring; 24x7 technical support are also pre-included.

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